Frozen Gourmet Dinners

Photo by Ingrid Pape-SheldonPhoto by Ingrid Pape-SheldonFrozen Gourmet Dinners

  • Chef-prepared in small batches
  • Vacuum-sealed to protect quality
  • Go from freezer to table in 10 minutes
  • Priced from $7.00-11.00 per dinner (1 entree + 2 sides)
  • Order online 24/7
  • Delivery available in King and South Snohomish Counties
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Gift certificates make a delicious gift!

Chef Cancler and her staff are dedicated to creating the highest quality meals. When you order from Private Chef, your family will feel like you’re really taking care of them.


“Your food is SO good–it is all we eat! My husband has lost 5 pounds thanks to Private Chef”–D&C, Snoqualmie

“…great food! The Pork Brasato and Cubano Fish Stew are favorites. I’ve lost 55 pounds since changing my eating habits…your meals have been such a healthy treat.“–Dianne, Seattle

“A real find for a busy family!” –Regina, Tacoma

“Thank you for the delicious food. This is the best I’ve eaten in a long time.” –Patricia, Seattle

“We are so happy to be enjoying our ‘Dinner Sampler’. Your meals are so delicious, so compact and so easy to prepare…most enjoyable. Thank you.” –Bobby, Seattle

“I wish I knew this was around before. It’s like having color TV!!.” –Nick, Bothel

“Very impressive. My friends are getting hooked on your food! Private Chef meals are a unique and much appreciated gift for my busy colleagues.” –Kemi, Seattle

“Just wanted to express our gratitude for your delicious gourmet dishes! Fabulous!” –Pete & Zoe, Seattle

“Wonderful — we enjoyed the meals immensely.” –Len & Jo, Anacortes

“The Country Beef Stew is excellent!” –Frank, Edmonds

“I am enjoying the dinners–especially the Cubano Fish Stew.” –Sam, Seattle

Delicious–Barbara, Seattle

“We had the Beef Burgundy and it was wonderful!” –Tami, Seattle

“Love all that I have bought.” –Don, Seattle

“Your food rocks. The new efficient packaging too!“–Regis & Kim, Woodinville

“I love having Private Chef on hand. After a long work day, I heat one up, make a salad, pour a glass of wine and…” –Terry, Seattle

“Private Chef is great for lunch at work. I take a frozen dinner to work and it thaws a little by lunchtime. It heats up in just a couple minutes.” –Stacey, Seattle

“The flavors are just wonderful–really nice. I’ve taken them to work and think they are so much better than anything I can get at the cafeteria.” –Barbara, Seattle

“Overall service and menu selection are excellent.” –Shaun, Seattle

“Excellent!” –Roanne, Seattle

“Excellent meals! Thank you so much.” –Chris & Lisa, Everett

“Had a wonderful Christmas dinner. Very pleased with food and service.” –Bonnie, Seattle

“I love your product and your service! The polenta is great.” –Sarah, Seattle

“I love this service!” –Helen, Seattle

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How long did the holocaust last?

To know how long the holocaust did last, you can log on to and read more. THE MAG READER is a useful information site, which provides free online magazines. They are admirers of recent technological inventions, medical discoveries and various interesting factors which can be found in their articles. They request their customers and visitors to give feedback, so that they can make the site better and much more useful. The team at is very hard working and keeps updating their site, with new and useful information, which people might find interesting to read of. Here is a brief description, which you can find interesting and quite surprising too.887 pbn

how long was the holocaust is a word of Greek origin meaning “sacrifice by fire.” Germany’s overwhelming repression made it difficult for the Jews to resist. During the era of the Holocaust, German authorities also targeted other groups because of their perceived “racial inferiority”: Roma (Gypsies), the disabled, and some of the Slavic peoples. By late 1941, the Germans transported the masses from the Polish ghettos to concentration camps. The first gassing that is where people killed in masses began near Lublin in the Belzec camp, and the chain of disasters took place on 17th March 1942. Further, around five mass killing centers were set up in Poland, Sobibor, Chelmno, Majdanek, and Treblinka. In this around 300,000 people were deported from only the Warsaw ghetto.

Though few survived in the lethal camps found it hard to get back to their homes. Most of them lost their families and the non-Jewish neighbors they had betrayed them. The decades following the Holocaust were a bitter legacy to the ordinary Germans. In early 1953, the German government made a responsible move by making some payment to the Jewish people due to crimes they suffered.

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The slowest car with the smallest size in the world

Nowadays, a lot of free as well as paid online magazines are available. It is a common thing that a number of online magazines are publishing the articles about the latest cars with their maximum speed and power. Unlike many other online magazines, the The Mag Reader is the only online magazine that publishes all the details and information about the slowest car in the world without any hidden or subscription charges. The articles about beauty tips, health products and recent technology updates will be updated instantly on the The Mag Reader online magazine. The known slowest car published by the The Mag Reader online magazine is the Peel P50 having overall length and width 54 inches and 39 inches respectively.887 pbn
As there is no reverse gear, the reverse movement is possible only through physical maneuvering with the handle attached to the rear of the car. Only a single person can be travelled inside the Peel P50 due to its smaller size. The replica version of the original P50 manufactured from 1962 to 1965 was manufactured by the Peel Engineering Ltd company in the year 2010. The top speed of the new Peel P50 is to 45 kilometers per hour.
You will get more information and details about the slowest car in the world from the themagreader online magazine website. You can use the 24 hours working toll free customer care call center facility or the chat facility provided on the website to get instant help and support from their customer care executive officer at any time.

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Get effective skin care treatment in Loa Angeles

To enhance the look, most people perform facials and after that they could get glowing face. Before choosing the place for facial you have to check their service since skin is one of the sensitive part in the body which have to be handled with utter care.  One of the reputed firms in Los Angeles which is popular for providing the best and effective skin treatment is the Beauty Boutique LA. They are specialized in performing comprehensive skin care treatments through the effective methods and the los angeles facial service has been demanded by most people for best facial results.868 bp

The Beauty Boutique LA employs highly experienced skincare specialists who handle each customer with dedication and they analyze the nature of the skin before starting the treatment. After through analysis they choose the right products for facial and satisfy their customer with amazing result. To help the customers there is a facility to consult with the specialists to share your requirements and they will suggest the perfect treatment matching to your skin nature.

The los Angeles facial service provide their treatment with the best skin care specialists at affordable price rate and those who like to improve the look can utilize the service with full confidence. Customer satisfaction is given great importance by Beauty Boutique LA and for that they focused in delivering only quality services to their customers. The beautyboutiquela website holds the details regarding the Los Angeles facial services and about the Beauty Boutique firm.





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Fort Collins Moving Companies

Fort Collins Moving Companies service providers are a premier choice no matter what your moving needs; they got the equipment, availability and people to help. Their moving service works with you to create a personalized moving plan that details the “who, what, where, when, why and how” of your move. They help you with: Packing: Their packing services include three main options: First, they can provide you with the boxes and moving supplies you need to pack up your own belongings. You’ll get materials at reduced rates when you buy from them. Next, they can professionally pack your more fragile items and leave the rest to you. Finally, their moving service can box up all items in your home or business, providing full-service packing. Assembly/Disassembly: They help you with assembling and disassembling the huge and heavy furniture’s more easily. Loading/Unloading: Their moving service ensures your furniture is protected en route and your belongings are placed in specified rooms upon arrival.Armada Moving Company

They also assist you with the following types of moves:

  1. Household move. It can be overwhelming to handle a residential move on your own and hence they help you move your house more confidently.
  2. International move.For a smooth overseas transition, consider Armada as your moving service. They will help you get your stuff from Country A to Country B in the most efficient way possible.
  3. Corporate move. They will hook you up with a moving coordinator to deliver an individualized corporate relocation plan and ensure your employees can stay productive before, during and after your move
  4. InterstateTheir professionals are more than ready to assist you with your long-distance move. Since interstate moves can be intense and involved, they feel proud and more than happy to take the lead on organizing yours from start to finish.
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Outstanding services from gigapros

Cheap forex vps is now quite easier to have.  Quality virtual private servers would great help you in a number of ways.  We should also ensure that besides having them at the highest quality, we also need something that is reasonable as well.  Here is the ultimate website that can greatly render you all the help and support in that matter.  Make your trading applications run really smooth and also save an ample amount of money as well.  This is going to be a great experience for you.  Just start using gigapros and it would be the most reliable service as well. GigaPros Web Hosting Services - The Best Hosting Provider

A complete overview of the various ranges of services that are offered by gigapros would be available to you once you have a look at the website.  There would be so much information for you.  Also, there can be several doubts arising out of your ever changing business needs and the need for ultimate growth.  In that case, you would have 24/7 support rendered to have by the team of extremely skilled professionals who can come up with timely services.

The greatest benefit that you would have with gigapros is the easy way to get started.  You no longer have to wait for a great amount of time for set ups and things like that.  You can very easily get started here.  There are various options like comparison of the plans that would definitely ensure that you choose the best ones that will satisfy all your requirements.  In this way, you can greatly enhance your business as well.

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Get the sum of money you desire from guarantor loans

People with a bad credit history always can have problems while looking for a new loan. You may be denied the chance to get loans when you are in need if you have a history of late payments or no payments at all. Most firms will take it as a higher risk to lent money to a person with a bad credit history. Since almost all transactions are done through internet these days, the records will be stored in computers and you can face problems getting the required sum. The guarantor loans can be a great help for you in such situations. If a relative of friend having a good credit history is there to back you with the loan, you can easily get the required sum of money. Piggy Finance UK

The Piggy Guarantor Loans is a firm from where you can avail the best guarantor loans easily. If you have a friend or family member who is confident to back you up and pay the loan in case you fail to make the payment, then you can approach the firm. You can get loans within the range from 1 to 6 years through the firm. You must make sure that the payment is made within the right time and no further trouble is made. The piggy-guarantor-loans website can help you get more details regarding the services offered by the firm. You can understand the policies and get help from the website. The website also helps you to apply for loans easily.

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Dating online for free with

Dating has become common these days, nobody will hesitate or feel shy. Also with the help development and advancements made in technology we have tools like internet which have made dating more easy. With the help of these tools you can do free online dating and chat for free from any corner of the world and to anyone of your choice. There are any sites but is the proven leader in this case as they provide free online chatting. They have network which connects countries including South Africa, India, America, England, Europe, china, Japan, etc. It is time to start756 bp sending messages to people in your area, you need to be bold, and never hesitate, as making new friends is not bad nor it is some kind of crime, so just relax, make new friends and share your life with them. Without having to jump through a lot of hoops they will let you jump right into meeting single men and single women in your area.  They have their official webpage, on which you can read all about them mainly terms and conditions, so that you can follow them and enjoy the best dating site.


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Personalized Bone China: World’s best firm to get your personalized baby plate done from.

There are many firms which are involved in production of baby plates but Personalized Bone China is the leading firm among all. They follow high ethical rules and are strict about their security policy which makes them elevated from all others in the entire industry. They make wide variety of baby plates, with varying designs and patterns. The method which they use for making their plates differs which makes them special hence they do provide guaranteed prints. Therefore while choosing a good baby plate you need to trust only on standard companies, which can give 743guarantee on their products. Personalized Bone China makes guaranteed prints as they not just print the details but glaze it around the rim. They work according to your directions given making the rim more decorative and lustrous, which attracts all.  They make plain white or, colored, as well as golden and silver decorated backgrounds for your wordings. The price for their services is already mentioned on their official website, which accounts for 17.50 pounds for plain white plate, and 20.00 pounds for colored plate. While for wordings plate the price set if 20.5 pounds. In order to make the plates more decorative gold and silver bands are used, and the price set for these kind of plates is 22.50 pounds. The delivery charges also vary accordingly, i.e., to deliver the item to Europe charges taken are 3.95 pounds, and for the rest of the country it is 9.00 pounds.

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Make a quick decision and get the opportunity of being an inseparable part of

At we can offer you loads of benefits such as increase in your earnings, easy access to open positions around the nation in hundreds of numbers, you can even relish on top-notch benefits like health insurance, etc. Nurses Pro is highly recommended, renowned and world’s best traveling nurse agencies where you are treated like a hero. We are sure you are highly talented as a nurse and we think nobody can offer you better job offers than us.750

You will be glad to know that more than 10000 nurses have already joined the nurse pro and experiencing benefits and success out of it. You too can join us and relish on the benefits. Are you a nurse and searching for an efficient job place where your nursing abilities will be fairly treated and made use of, or do you hold a desire or rather a dream to earn $50 every hour you serve you duty and wish to be treated like a hero then you are searching for the information at the right place.

To know more, log on to







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The User guide for bidders: Dealdash reviews.

Dealdash is an e commerce firm which allows making auctions. The company was launched in United States, and has main headquarters at Minnesota, Minneola, United States and Finland. Williams Wolfram is the founder of the company, and we should be thankful to him to starting such a wonderful site, as we all can spend our leisure time by making online deals through online bidding. The company was started in the year 2009, with very less customers but till today they have gained millions of customers and hence have become one of the largest, growing companies in bidding industry. They are in this business for years and hence very well understand the customer’s needs and requirements. Dealdash Reviews  has also gained BBB accreditation since November 2014. And was awarded as most spoken website on social Medias like Face book and Twitter. In the month of august 2013, the company started a website known as to house and document reviews and other experiences from all of their customers.bp

Dealdash review is a site which mainly house all information and experiences of the experienced customers of this company. They have shared their experiences in this field to help new users and show them the right path. The blogs are put up in the form of stories, and as we all know stories are very interesting to read, and hence they have made an attempt to educate people about bidding in an attractive and interesting manner. The blogs  not only educate you  on how to win the bidding but also tell you which auctions you should loose, as they very well know which deals are profitable and which are not.  You can surely visit their website and get a good guidance before you start doing the bidding.

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