Frozen Gourmet Dinners

Photo by Ingrid Pape-SheldonPhoto by Ingrid Pape-SheldonFrozen Gourmet Dinners

  • Chef-prepared in small batches
  • Vacuum-sealed to protect quality
  • Go from freezer to table in 10 minutes
  • Priced from $7.00-11.00 per dinner (1 entree + 2 sides)
  • Order online 24/7
  • Delivery available in King and South Snohomish Counties
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Gift certificates make a delicious gift!

Chef Cancler and her staff are dedicated to creating the highest quality meals. When you order from Private Chef, your family will feel like you’re really taking care of them.

“Your food is SO good–it is all we eat! My husband has lost 5 pounds thanks to Private Chef”–D&C, Snoqualmie

“…great food! The Pork Brasato and Cubano Fish Stew are favorites. I’ve lost 55 pounds since changing my eating habits…your meals have been such a healthy treat.“–Dianne, Seattle

“A real ...

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The quality of Used Ophthalmic Equipment provided by Global DSR Company

In olden days, the treatment of patients was very hard as there were less number of equipments available in recognizing the issue that the patient has. As the time went by, so many advanced technologies have been introduced in the medical field and it has helped the doctors to find the issues inside the human body pretty easily. There are hundreds of equipments available in the medical field which is used to scan different parts of the human body. 

The medical equipment may be very costly and the hospitals have to bear that amount to buy them. Therefore, it should be made sure that the equipments bought are really top quality ones. There are so many hospitals available around us that cannot afford the new medical equipments as they may not have that much money with them...

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The Informal Dinner Party

The best thing about having an informal dinner party is that the guest list can be fluid. With formal dinner parties there are formal invitations, RSVP cards and finalized lists. When you have people over for an informal dinner party, often all that is needed is a phone call or an e-mail to coordinate schedules.

The most important part about planning your guest list for an informal dinner party is making sure that the people you do invite get along. This might be best served by sticking to one social circle at a time. For example, your husbands best work buddy might not necessarily get along with your best friend’s sixteen year old daughter.

The nice thing about an informal get together is that you don’t have to invite a lot of people over...

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Dinner Party Recipes

A dinner party is party that brings family and friends together and though it is a small one it does not mean that such party does not need planning. Like all parties it is wise and prudent to plan and organize much before the D-day.

There are many dinner party ideas to choose from and hence one should give attention to every detail to make the event a roaring success. One of the most important aspects of all dinner parties is the recipe. The food and the beverages have to match with the style and the theme of the party. While determining dinner party recipes you also must take into consideration the guests of the party and their taste buds.

The above are some of the recipes that you can choose from and hence they are ideal for hosting dinner parties...

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Making Healthy Dinner Choices

Making healthy dinners doesn’t have to be a big chore. We all know how important eating healthy is for our families and ourselves. But what can we do to make sure we are eating properly without a lot of time and effort. It starts with knowing what your body needs and how to select the right foods to ensure you’re getting enough nutrients to support your physical and health needs.

Everyone is working to the max these days, so finding the time for food shopping is sometimes difficult enough not to mention the time to get meals ready at home. Supermarkets are getting larger, and it’s taking more time to shop than ever before. Given the time crunch we are under, little wonder that fast food chains and restaurants are popping up on every street corner.

Most restaurants cook with way too much fa...

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Five Romantic Dinner Ideas

Prepare a romantic dinner menu that is composed of food items that are a favorite of one’s partner. Once this has been decided, make an effort of cooking the meals for her instead of just taking her to a restaurant that offers the romantic dinner menu.

Toss the coin five or ten times. The final toss should indicate the last turn and whatever restaurant is found in this final turn should be where you and your partner should have a dinner date. This is exciting because both of you do not have a clue as to where you’re headed or where your last stop will be.

Take SEXY to the next level with a Naked Cook-out wherein the two of you cook meals for your dinner date at home with nothing but your best aprons on. The skimpier the apron the better and sexier...

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Dinner Meal Planning Tactics

These days working parents who are quite busy in their lives find it quite difficult to come up with different dinner ideas for every night. Busy moms find it tough to cook dinners for their family and thus plan to eat outside junk food.

Dinner ideas and also proper dinner planning can truly help us to get rid of health and fitness concerns. Many of us are not adapting healthy lifestyles as we don’t get time to work out so this problem can be solved by adapting a nutritious diet plan especially at night.

During your daily hectic schedule it’s very tough to plan your dinner menu every day. So there is need to implement fast dinner ideas which can be created through quick cooking methods and also the type of ingredients in use...

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