Frozen Gourmet Dinners

Photo by Ingrid Pape-SheldonPhoto by Ingrid Pape-SheldonFrozen Gourmet Dinners

  • Chef-prepared in small batches
  • Vacuum-sealed to protect quality
  • Go from freezer to table in 10 minutes
  • Priced from $7.00-11.00 per dinner (1 entree + 2 sides)
  • Order online 24/7
  • Delivery available in King and South Snohomish Counties
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Gift certificates make a delicious gift!

Chef Cancler and her staff are dedicated to creating the highest quality meals. When you order from Private Chef, your family will feel like you’re really taking care of them.


“Your food is SO good–it is all we eat! My husband has lost 5 pounds thanks to Private Chef”–D&C, Snoqualmie

“…great food! The Pork Brasato and Cubano Fish Stew are favorites. I’ve lost 55 pounds since changing my eating habits…your meals have been such a healthy treat.“–Dianne, Seattle

“A real find for a busy family!” –Regina, Tacoma

“Thank you for the delicious food. This is the best I’ve eaten in a long time.” –Patricia, Seattle

“We are so happy to be enjoying our ‘Dinner Sampler’. Your meals are so delicious, so compact and so easy to prepare…most enjoyable. Thank you.” –Bobby, Seattle

“I wish I knew this was around before. It’s like having color TV!!.” –Nick, Bothel

“Very impressive. My friends are getting hooked on your food! Private Chef meals are a unique and much appreciated gift for my busy colleagues.” –Kemi, Seattle

“Just wanted to express our gratitude for your delicious gourmet dishes! Fabulous!” –Pete & Zoe, Seattle

“Wonderful — we enjoyed the meals immensely.” –Len & Jo, Anacortes

“The Country Beef Stew is excellent!” –Frank, Edmonds

“I am enjoying the dinners–especially the Cubano Fish Stew.” –Sam, Seattle

Delicious–Barbara, Seattle

“We had the Beef Burgundy and it was wonderful!” –Tami, Seattle

“Love all that I have bought.” –Don, Seattle

“Your food rocks. The new efficient packaging too!“–Regis & Kim, Woodinville

“I love having Private Chef on hand. After a long work day, I heat one up, make a salad, pour a glass of wine and…” –Terry, Seattle

“Private Chef is great for lunch at work. I take a frozen dinner to work and it thaws a little by lunchtime. It heats up in just a couple minutes.” –Stacey, Seattle

“The flavors are just wonderful–really nice. I’ve taken them to work and think they are so much better than anything I can get at the cafeteria.” –Barbara, Seattle

“Overall service and menu selection are excellent.” –Shaun, Seattle

“Excellent!” –Roanne, Seattle

“Excellent meals! Thank you so much.” –Chris & Lisa, Everett

“Had a wonderful Christmas dinner. Very pleased with food and service.” –Bonnie, Seattle

“I love your product and your service! The polenta is great.” –Sarah, Seattle

“I love this service!” –Helen, Seattle

Young Drivers of Canada – Saint John Driving School Location

Young Drivers of Canada has a philosophy when it comes to collisions, that accidents are predictable and preventable. What this translates to is that the majority of the consequences of any crash can be avoided, including fatalities, injuries and specifically, insurance claims. Young Drivers of Canada implements this strategy in their course curriculum by providing their Collisionfree!Ⓡ Approach to their driving program.

Through this approach Young Drivers of Canada teaches its students effective seeing habits and how to predict and avoid any potential hazards experienced on a day to day basis when driving. Students are put through situations that can be seen as high risk with their instructors and are taught to identify those risks. More importantly, correction and ultimately better driving skills incorporating the Collisionfree!Ⓡ principles are learned for application on the roads for a lifetime.

Saint John, Young Drivers will teach you to see, react, avoid, escape, quicker, clearer, sharper, and safer.

Our Saint John streets and highways are in use twenty-four hours a day. The volume of traffic can sometimes be overwhelming and the presence of many other vehicles increases the risk of a collision. Once you have learned to handle the vehicle, to operate the controls and to maneuver smoothly, the task of ” learning to drive” has only just begun.

 By using the Young Drivers CollisionFree Approach you will learn where to look, how to recognize the warning signs of impending danger, and how to plan your moves to avoid hazards. You will also learn how to position your vehicle in traffic so you always have an escape route available. The Young Drivers CollisionFree Approach will ensure that you are capable of driving for many years without a collision.

Why do we need to opt for hydrafacial Denver?

Skin health for life is the theory of enhancing your appearance, as well as really restoring energetic, solid skin. Skin wellbeing is a way of life, requiring month to month support and the right treatment for each skin sort. The HydraFacial Denver  at  is not only a quick fix-it method – it enhances the nature of your skin, making it healthy.

Free radicals and the role of cancer prevention agents  

Consistently we are exposed to the components – stress, contamination, poisons, and above all, sunlight. These are known as free radicals, and they are the base of skin harm and aging. Free radicals destroy the synthetic cosmetics of our skin cells, keeping them from working appropriately, bringing our skin to break down.

The most powerful resistance against free radical harm is cell antioxidants – they kill free radicals, restoring and shielding skin from harm. Cell reinforcements can be found in vitamins like A and E, or in plant extracts like white tea, rosemary, and steed chestnut seed. Cell reinforcements are imperative in the interest for solid skin. This is the reason the HydraFacial Denver is so essential – not just does it evacuate surface harm, for example, dead skin cells and polluting influences, yet it additionally recharges the skin with cancer prevention agents through Vortex-Fusion, the most exceptional utilization of supplements to the skin. Thus, a huge number of experts recommend to hydrafacials which are really an effective medium to prevent our skin from getting damaged.

Get the best of Dental services in Hoboken

To get an occasional dental clean up, to get laminates or veneers, and fix the size and shape of teeth, contact dentist hoboken. Get the best set of teeth and the smile like a ravishing celebrity. To get a glamorous smile, you have to do more than just look in the mirror; you have to get an appointment with Hoboken dentists. Making changes to the shape and contour of the teeth also brings about changes inthe smile.

Get the best of Dental services in Hoboken

Bond with the crowns

For bonding, cleaning, and all the oral and dental procedures, you can contact these dentists. Within a few weeks, you can see changes in the way you smile and have sparkling teeth. Most of these procedures are painless and have no side effects. They last for a couple of years and you only have to take care not to eat or drink colored or acidic foods for a few weeks post completing this procedure. If your gums are aching or bleeding, then you can contact these dentists for a cure. For older people who do not want to use dentures, they can use dental implants. Even if you have an uneven gum line the dentists can fix this easily.

Long and short

If your teeth are too long or too short, this too can be fixed with the help of cosmetic dentist. If there is a tooth injury, contact these dentists to fix them. You can also check if you have any oral diseases when you contact them.

Holocaust and information regarding world wars

There was a time back in the 1940s when people were killed and several dreadful events had occurred.  Holocaust or mass destruction is not a term unfamiliar for us.  To know more details about those dreadful times and consequences that it had brought about, just have a look at the web portal of Themagreader.  It would present you with all the necessary information about the holocaust, how long was the holocaust and all the details related to that as well.  You will find the website as well as its services really informative.  The period when there existed anti Semitism and several other wars and stuffs would all be available for you to read here.  Many people have started gathering this information through the website of Themagreader.


Besides presenting you with the details about how long was the holocaust, Themagreader is also focussed on explaining to its clients the various causes for the destructions in the past and the happenings during the 17th, 18th as well as 19th centuries.  It not only helps in expanding your knowledge but also it would be nice that the future generation come to know about our history well.  There were also several revolutions happening during that time period.  You can read more information on the various events that had led to holocausts and world wars as well.  The whole story is explained in the web portal of Themagreader.  The period when Nazi rule came to an end as well as what happened after that are all explained here in the website of Themagreader.

IT support Austin

ITC is the best one you can trust to get IT supports in Austin. They offer a comfortable family- like environment that promotes skill- building, enthusiasm, and personal development. It’s a competitive and fast- growing company that is always in search of contributors ready to join their team.   You can keep your data secure and avoid unnecessary downtime with ITC, IT support.   ITC offers remote and onsite support to businesses in Austin, Texas. Regardless of your IT needs, fast and reliable remote support is just a phone call away.

With ITC, they manage your move to the cloud every step of the way. Manage your users, documents, email, data, and much more in the cloud.  managed it services austin is to provide the highest quality IT services and technology support to create efficiency and value for their clients. They set up access permissions by users, make data sharing easy, and organize your data. They do have a content management system used for most common websites today.

They have a small team of hardworking, dedicated, and passionate individuals. At ITC, you are appreciated and recognized for the hard work and effort you put in.  Each one brings something to the table. They know what it’s like to work at big corporations and they aim to be different.  They are a team of an innovative IT solutions company offering all-inclusive computer and IT services. They value each member of their team and consider them an asset to the company. They help businesses solve problems with cloud services, improving their business and bottom line. Microsoft Office 365 makes working with the cloud easy for businesses of any size.

They have displayed all of the information on their official website, so do visit and avail the benefits of working with the best IT Support Company in Austin.

Best frozen games from Dress Up Who

frozen games  are games that mainly use the characters of famous Disney franchise Frozen. There are lots of online games mainly focused on children these days. If you are looking for the best games for your children, then it is best to visit the websites like dressupwho where the best quality games are available absolutely free of cost. Dress Up Who offers different varieties of dress up and fashion games for children to play and enjoy their time.

The dress up frozen games from the dressupwho website is widely popular among children of different areas. All you need to have is an internet connection and the games can be accessed from the website absolutely free of cost. The games can be selected from the website and you can also search for the desired type of game easily. The new and popular games will be highlighted there and you can select them quickly. The website also has provided options for you to directly contact the experts and tell them of your views regarding the website.

You can provide feedback on the frozen gameseasily through the contact us page. The feedbacks will help the firm improve their services and change things that you report feel inappropriate in the website. The form can be sued for business related enquiries, general queries and various other things also. There are also options for you to invite friends and play with them. The games are being updated regularly for users to get unique experience each time

Smile lift botox

Beverly Hills Aesthetics is the best known non surgical clinic, they offer BOTOX® treatments to eliminate wrinkles and help sufferers of migraines, acne, smile lift botox and excessive sweating. With BOTOX®, the expert team can help improve your self- esteem and put you on a path to better health and wellness. SmileLift™ is a revolutionary 30-minute non-surgical “expression procedure” invented by Dr. Assassa. It is designed to turn Perma-Mouth-Frown, a sad permanent drooping mouth corner, upside down thus restoring Mona Lisa Smile.

The medical staff at Beverly Hills Aesthetics is well qualified in the procedures they perform each and every day, and are some of the most experienced staff in the area. The qualified medical staff and state- of- the- art facilities can provide you with the best possible results in a safe, relaxing environment. These are just a few reasons why you should consider Beverly Hills Aesthetics for your next non- surgical procedure. At Beverly Hills Aesthetics different types of equipment are used and provide the best results in aesthetic surgery available today. However, when it comes to aesthetic surgery, equipment and facilities can only go so far if you do not have the very best doctors behind them.

For more information about the procedures they perform and the equipment that they use is sure to contact them and set up your complimentary consultation with leading Los Angeles cosmetic and aesthetic surgeon Dr. Sam Assassa. Call (424) 284- 8933 and feel free to speak out every detail which you need.

Create a Blog with these 5 easy steps

So you want to venture out into the world of blogging and want to have your own blog space? But are you worried that you’re just going to have to spend a lot of time in creating a new site? Contrary to popular belief, starting a blog is no mean feat. Just follow these simple steps to get started create a blog

  1. Discover a Host: This would mean a site wholeheartedly prepared to acknowledge whatever you post. An initial step preparing on setting up your own particular blog. Make a point to locate a not too bad host. Also, how might you make your own particular hopping out of the customary? That will be handled in step number    2.
  2. Choose a niche: After which, distinctive alternatives and tests would show up or pop out giving you a thought on what your completed blog may resemble. Customize. Pick shrewdly. Pick inventively. Pick as though you are painting your own particular picture. Keep in mind to incorporate your own data. It should be something you like and something you have a good knowledge on.
  3. Decide: A blog can either be private or open. Private web journals are for your eyes just and the individuals who have authorization and access to view it, while open web journals are made for everybody to see and to read. We suggest, share with the world. It will be beneficial for everyone.
  4. Make changes: Try not to settle for the normal. Pull the attachment on the off chance that it is not working. Erase inadmissible styles and adjust once again. To compose a blog is not as simple as it looks.
  5. Upload: Perused the directions. Process it. Picture facilitating destinations brings up clearly the start to finish of transferring. Upgrade day by day to set up recurrence of visits which is extremely crucial to creating a successful blog.

Enjoy Korean fashion from Koreanfashionstore

Korean fashion has become very popular all over the world and the introduction of online shopping sites for Korean clothing has gained lots of acceptance as well.  The website of Koreanfashionstore is very useful in choosing amazing styles of dresses, skirts, shawls, pants and much more that add to the beauty of girls who love to wear Korean fashion.  Get registered with the well organized web portal of Koreanfashionstore as it would offer you lots of services according to your convenience.  Huge collection of clothing would be available here based on the latest trendy designs.  The website is very user friendly as well.  At any time, you can use these services to grab the clothes of your choice.879 bp

There are various links available in the web portal of Koreanfashionstore and they are all very amazing.  You can have a look at the price details and you would be definitely surprised to see the reasonable rates as well.  Inside each section, you would be taken to a number of subsections which would give you more collections to choose from.  If you love to have Korean fashion, then don’t waste time.  Get started with the amazing range of services that are offered to you by the ultimate Koreanfashionstore.  The prices are quite reasonable and you can keep track of the latest collections as well.  The quality of the products that you would have here is always at the top and the entity has been offering trusted services to its users all the time.

Salwar Kameez

How long did the holocaust last?

To know how long the holocaust did last, you can log on to and read more. THE MAG READER is a useful information site, which provides free online magazines. They are admirers of recent technological inventions, medical discoveries and various interesting factors which can be found in their articles. They request their customers and visitors to give feedback, so that they can make the site better and much more useful. The team at is very hard working and keeps updating their site, with new and useful information, which people might find interesting to read of. Here is a brief description, which you can find interesting and quite surprising too.887 pbn

how long was the holocaust is a word of Greek origin meaning “sacrifice by fire.” Germany’s overwhelming repression made it difficult for the Jews to resist. During the era of the Holocaust, German authorities also targeted other groups because of their perceived “racial inferiority”: Roma (Gypsies), the disabled, and some of the Slavic peoples. By late 1941, the Germans transported the masses from the Polish ghettos to concentration camps. The first gassing that is where people killed in masses began near Lublin in the Belzec camp, and the chain of disasters took place on 17th March 1942. Further, around five mass killing centers were set up in Poland, Sobibor, Chelmno, Majdanek, and Treblinka. In this around 300,000 people were deported from only the Warsaw ghetto.

Though few survived in the lethal camps found it hard to get back to their homes. Most of them lost their families and the non-Jewish neighbors they had betrayed them. The decades following the Holocaust were a bitter legacy to the ordinary Germans. In early 1953, the German government made a responsible move by making some payment to the Jewish people due to crimes they suffered.