Frozen Gourmet Dinners

Photo by Ingrid Pape-SheldonPhoto by Ingrid Pape-SheldonFrozen Gourmet Dinners

  • Chef-prepared in small batches
  • Vacuum-sealed to protect quality
  • Go from freezer to table in 10 minutes
  • Priced from $7.00-11.00 per dinner (1 entree + 2 sides)
  • Order online 24/7
  • Delivery available in King and South Snohomish Counties
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Gift certificates make a delicious gift!

Chef Cancler and her staff are dedicated to creating the highest quality meals. When you order from Private Chef, your family will feel like you’re really taking care of them.


“Your food is SO good–it is all we eat! My husband has lost 5 pounds thanks to Private Chef”–D&C, Snoqualmie

“…great food! The Pork Brasato and Cubano Fish Stew are favorites. I’ve lost 55 pounds since changing my eating habits…your meals have been such a healthy treat.“–Dianne, Seattle

“A real find for a busy family!” –Regina, Tacoma

“Thank you for the delicious food. This is the best I’ve eaten in a long time.” –Patricia, Seattle

“We are so happy to be enjoying our ‘Dinner Sampler’. Your meals are so delicious, so compact and so easy to prepare…most enjoyable. Thank you.” –Bobby, Seattle

“I wish I knew this was around before. It’s like having color TV!!.” –Nick, Bothel

“Very impressive. My friends are getting hooked on your food! Private Chef meals are a unique and much appreciated gift for my busy colleagues.” –Kemi, Seattle

“Just wanted to express our gratitude for your delicious gourmet dishes! Fabulous!” –Pete & Zoe, Seattle

“Wonderful — we enjoyed the meals immensely.” –Len & Jo, Anacortes

“The Country Beef Stew is excellent!” –Frank, Edmonds

“I am enjoying the dinners–especially the Cubano Fish Stew.” –Sam, Seattle

Delicious–Barbara, Seattle

“We had the Beef Burgundy and it was wonderful!” –Tami, Seattle

“Love all that I have bought.” –Don, Seattle

“Your food rocks. The new efficient packaging too!“–Regis & Kim, Woodinville

“I love having Private Chef on hand. After a long work day, I heat one up, make a salad, pour a glass of wine and…” –Terry, Seattle

“Private Chef is great for lunch at work. I take a frozen dinner to work and it thaws a little by lunchtime. It heats up in just a couple minutes.” –Stacey, Seattle

“The flavors are just wonderful–really nice. I’ve taken them to work and think they are so much better than anything I can get at the cafeteria.” –Barbara, Seattle

“Overall service and menu selection are excellent.” –Shaun, Seattle

“Excellent!” –Roanne, Seattle

“Excellent meals! Thank you so much.” –Chris & Lisa, Everett

“Had a wonderful Christmas dinner. Very pleased with food and service.” –Bonnie, Seattle

“I love your product and your service! The polenta is great.” –Sarah, Seattle

“I love this service!” –Helen, Seattle

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Dating online for free with

Dating has become common these days, nobody will hesitate or feel shy. Also with the help development and advancements made in technology we have tools like internet which have made dating more easy. With the help of these tools you can do free online dating and chat for free from any corner of the world and to anyone of your choice. There are any sites but is the proven leader in this case as they provide free online chatting. They have network which connects countries including South Africa, India, America, England, Europe, china, Japan, etc. It is time to start756 bp sending messages to people in your area, you need to be bold, and never hesitate, as making new friends is not bad nor it is some kind of crime, so just relax, make new friends and share your life with them. Without having to jump through a lot of hoops they will let you jump right into meeting single men and single women in your area.  They have their official webpage, on which you can read all about them mainly terms and conditions, so that you can follow them and enjoy the best dating site.


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Get your desired Cincinnati STNA classes

STNA Classes are usually taken by people who are interested in nursing patients and old people. As a State Tested Nurse Aide, you will have to take care of weak people who are unable to do some things on their own. There are lots of firms offering the STNA Classes these days. You can get certified to help out patients and treat them in Ohio by having the certificate. There are various courses offered by different firms and you need to select the right type of course to successfully complete the course.753 bp

The Cincinnati STNA Classes from the Alia Health Care Services is best for you to have a good idea regarding the course. You can visit the aliahealthcare website and get detailed information about the Ohio State Tested Nurse Aide classes they offer. The program there is an Ohio Department of Health approved 75 hour curriculum. You can register for the course at the aliahealthcare website. You can enter the details of course you wish to attend at the respective fields and register for the course easily through the website. There are options for person to avail the Cincinnati STNA Classes as well as classes in the Columbus and Newark areas.

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Personalized Bone China: World’s best firm to get your personalized baby plate done from.

There are many firms which are involved in production of baby plates but Personalized Bone China is the leading firm among all. They follow high ethical rules and are strict about their security policy which makes them elevated from all others in the entire industry. They make wide variety of baby plates, with varying designs and patterns. The method which they use for making their plates differs which makes them special hence they do provide guaranteed prints. Therefore while choosing a good baby plate you need to trust only on standard companies, which can give 743guarantee on their products. Personalized Bone China makes guaranteed prints as they not just print the details but glaze it around the rim. They work according to your directions given making the rim more decorative and lustrous, which attracts all.  They make plain white or, colored, as well as golden and silver decorated backgrounds for your wordings. The price for their services is already mentioned on their official website, which accounts for 17.50 pounds for plain white plate, and 20.00 pounds for colored plate. While for wordings plate the price set if 20.5 pounds. In order to make the plates more decorative gold and silver bands are used, and the price set for these kind of plates is 22.50 pounds. The delivery charges also vary accordingly, i.e., to deliver the item to Europe charges taken are 3.95 pounds, and for the rest of the country it is 9.00 pounds.

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Make a quick decision and get the opportunity of being an inseparable part of

At we can offer you loads of benefits such as increase in your earnings, easy access to open positions around the nation in hundreds of numbers, you can even relish on top-notch benefits like health insurance, etc. Nurses Pro is highly recommended, renowned and world’s best traveling nurse agencies where you are treated like a hero. We are sure you are highly talented as a nurse and we think nobody can offer you better job offers than us.750

You will be glad to know that more than 10000 nurses have already joined the nurse pro and experiencing benefits and success out of it. You too can join us and relish on the benefits. Are you a nurse and searching for an efficient job place where your nursing abilities will be fairly treated and made use of, or do you hold a desire or rather a dream to earn $50 every hour you serve you duty and wish to be treated like a hero then you are searching for the information at the right place.

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The User guide for bidders: Dealdash reviews.

Dealdash is an e commerce firm which allows making auctions. The company was launched in United States, and has main headquarters at Minnesota, Minneola, United States and Finland. Williams Wolfram is the founder of the company, and we should be thankful to him to starting such a wonderful site, as we all can spend our leisure time by making online deals through online bidding. The company was started in the year 2009, with very less customers but till today they have gained millions of customers and hence have become one of the largest, growing companies in bidding industry. They are in this business for years and hence very well understand the customer’s needs and requirements. Dealdash Reviews  has also gained BBB accreditation since November 2014. And was awarded as most spoken website on social Medias like Face book and Twitter. In the month of august 2013, the company started a website known as to house and document reviews and other experiences from all of their customers.bp

Dealdash review is a site which mainly house all information and experiences of the experienced customers of this company. They have shared their experiences in this field to help new users and show them the right path. The blogs are put up in the form of stories, and as we all know stories are very interesting to read, and hence they have made an attempt to educate people about bidding in an attractive and interesting manner. The blogs  not only educate you  on how to win the bidding but also tell you which auctions you should loose, as they very well know which deals are profitable and which are not.  You can surely visit their website and get a good guidance before you start doing the bidding.

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What do you need to know when you choose the made to measure blinds?

Windows can be a blessing as well as a curse at the same time. They are known to offer a scenic view when you are working or when you are at home and they also allow enough light and air to enter into the room. 

On the other hand these windows also let in a lot of dust and also let your indoor temperature to escape. So, a solution to a number of problems like dust, heat, noise etc is the use of made to measure blinds.

These blinds come in a number of benefits and the most popular of the all are the Roman blinds. These are different from the traditional coverings which are used for the windows. These made to measure blinds stack up quite evenly when you open them or close them.

These blinds are also very smooth in their appearance and also come included with a core mechanism which helps you to adjust these based on your window size.

With these Roman blinds you can also control your privacy and also the light which enters your room. One can choose from the looped blinds or even go for the Classic Roman blinds which help add the depth to your rooms. These have the folds which cascade downwards and thus add a depth to that window where these are used.

The made to measure blinds are also available in various materials and also in kinds of fabrics. Many prefer the cotton or the wool ones while some others go in for the metal or the wooden ones. Whatever be the preference of the material, you will for sure not be disappointed with their practical uses.


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Buy one of the best designed targeted traffic at

Web traffic refers to the evaluation of which website works best towards the achievement of the business goals or objectives in terms of internet marketing process. buy web traffic  is a term used to refer that amount of data which is sent and received by different visitors to a specific website. The web traffic is usually determined on the total number of visitors and the total number of pages they visit. aswq

Web traffic is usually addressed to visitors on a particular which results in the profit gaining of the sites and thus it is always aimed to be higher through different mediums such as search engines, etc. A number of ways are available for the purpose of monitoring this traffic and the data so gathered is further used to help structure such sites with a view to bring security problems in limelight. is the most recommended and has helped a large number of businesses that are more than 12000 through our targeted web is cleverly designed with highly useful traffic solutions and is proud to be the highly used and largest paid analytics provider across the world.

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Phen 375: An appetite suppressor drug

Phen 375 is an excellent drug which lowers the fats from our body by an easy mode. They act mainly as suppressor of appetite and hence prevent people from eating more. Once you stop eating more, your fat automatically gets lowered. The drug is manufactured in United States, and has been approved by Food and Drug Association, and therefore the drug is safe for all age groups. Though the drug is safe it is advised to take this drug upon prescription, to avoid any negative consequences which might occur after taking this drug. The drug is in the form of tablet of 800 mg and has capsium as its main ingredient. Capsium is usually the main chemical which reduces the fats and suppressor the appetite. And hence it is the important constituent of the tablet.qw

The drug should be taken according to prescription given by your personal doctor or practitioner, because excess consumption can cause harmful effects which might be un- repairable or recoverable phen375 customer reviews . Taking 2 tablets is safer but more than that it’s not advisable. By taking 2 tablets daily rather than 1, gives you faster results. If you are taking 2 tablets daily you will get to see the results within few weeks, but taking 1 tablet daily might take more time to get the desired results. You can visit their official website as they have put all necessary information about the drug on their official website, for their customers to view.

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Give consideration to the system and psychology

There is one or the other system which is been followed by each and every person to have the proper identification of the opportunities and the forex signals which is been provided by profit-forexsignals free of cost. There are huge number of resources which are been invested by the traders in the development of the proper and feasible system but they all are been determined by the situations and the conditions of the trader that keeps on changing as per the change in time and market conditions. Profit Forex Signals

There are a number of large financial groups which are been working on the grounds of research and carry an intensive research by the experts and the analyst of their field to form a best and result oriented model of the algorithm which is not only been taken extra care and attention but it is also helps in making the call. The providers which are not too big and have limited access they work on the simple tools and intuitions which is like hit and try methodology sometimes it work good and rest try the hard luck, and the people who are having the small service providing company they always opt and go for the forex signals which are available for free of cost by the brokers to provide them the information to be alert in the particular situation and take an action to make the potential profitable pairs of currency in making the trades. The people require to pay attention while doing such acts they should not rely completely on the other external source because it is not necessary that whatever they are getting the information through the provider in the free service facility that is completely genuine and original as the method they are making in use might be traditional and in spite of having the positive effect it may lead to the negative side of the frame and they may lose a good amount of money in a particular trade and after that they suffer a lot. They should always pay special attention to the style and the philosophy of the trading to be on the safer side and earn a good amount of return. The best way is to try one of the service provider in hand and then after that make any decision based on the experience which you have achieved while being in contact of them.

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PrivateInsta, the mostly used tool to view private instagram

PrivateInsta is a tool, which is used instagram private profile viewer . PrivateInsta has gained more popularity today, mainly due to its important features. Few of the important features include simplicity, compatibility and security. The working procedure of this tool is very simple and easy. The tool doesn’t ask you to download and install any supporting software’s, and hence prevent any unnecessary wastage of your device memory, and also your valuable time. They do not ask you to remember tricky codes and passwords but rather you need to just submit the username of the profile whose private images you intend to view.


And hence the process is very simple overall. Due to this feature they have gained millions of customers, and have excellent customer handling capacity. Another important feature of this tool is that the tool is highly compatible. Therefore you can use this tool with any of your devices, without worrying about which tool to buy in order to use this tool. PrivateInsta is an independent company, unrelated to Instagram services. Though they not related to instagram, they work according to their rules and regulations and don’t violate any of them.


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